April 11th, 2003

Oh My Pug, THIS is funny...

We have just proven that children under the age of 10 do, in fact, have a solid grasp on the employment of blatant sarcasm. If any kid in the world would do it, believe it would be my Cole-Man...

Cole's classmate Logan is over to play with him on their last day of Spring Break. They were playing in his room when I happened to walk down the hallway and saw Logan looking at one of Cole's model thingys that you really can't do anything with but look at it. The following exchange occurred:

Logan (admiring Cole's model) :"Wow, this is cool! Can we take it outside and play with it?"
Cole (looking down with his arms folded): "What's the woyd I'm looking foy... (looking directly at Logan) That would be NO..."

::attempts to recover sensibilities::
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