April 10th, 2003

YAY!! LJ Links!!

Hopefully these might prove useful. I'm adding them to my userinfo page as well. I'm always surprised how many people email me and contact me through random searches, so I might as well make my userinfo page as helpful & informative as possible. Speaking of helpful and informative, respect and praise goes to arie, along with ilubmoney for being my LJ goddesses. Arieanne gives credit for the layout to aajwind, who is equally amazing, but then that journal is equally gorgeous. There's a link to a community Arieanne monitors/maintains below - I suggest to you that you add it for reference sake.

The New LiveJournal Skin Chooser

LiveJournal Guide: Answering Support Requests

LiveJournal Command Console

LiveJournal Support Requests

LiveJournal How-To (this journal maintained by my friend, the lovely and amazing arie, the memories page kicks MUCH ass...)

LiveJournal Support Tutorial

LiveJournal Style Browser

LiveJournal Founders Q&A

LiveJournal Store
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