March 9th, 2003

To Review...

All in all this weekend was very much a big disappointment to me. Atlanta was wierd, I have very mixed feelings about it. It was good to see Brian, Damien's best friend and one of the sweetest souls you'd ever care to meet. There were other perks, like we had a kickass dinner at Everybody's Pizza in Virginia Highlands, which is THE best pizza place on the planet. Makes Mellow Mushroom (who are good, no argument on that) look like Tombstone pizza. The downside was we had said dinner on the "patio", which was an outright fucking lie as it was a sloping balcony 3 stories above the back parking lot with a nice view of the dumpsters. It moved everytime someone stepped on it and I was nervous for the duration of the meal. Inattentive parents all around us were allowing their ill-behaved heathen offspring to behave in ways that made my inner sadist threaten to escape the confines of my imagination, but alas I kept myself in check. I reached my limit when the servers made mention of a huge party that they were setting up tables for, and I had to get the hell off of that balcony. By this point, I was way overstimulated. We (thedigitalghost, tiredofdreaming, wsbsdrewnelson, & myself) passed a really swanky specialty shop after leaving the restaurant that specializes in tea, coffee, & chocolate. Damien bought a bar of French Valrhona chocolate, which is considered among the finest in the world and is a personal weakness of mine. We went to the Roxy to see Sugarland afterward and I got to see and hug Jennifer for a minute. It was Bryce's (Jennifer's little sister) 18th birthday, and her mom was there also.

We sat in the balcony there as well, which I reasoned I could handle as I had made it through dinner on a balcony relatively unscathed, but this one was shakier than the other and I didn't want to spoil anything for anyone - even though that's exactly what I ended up doing. (Don't even try to be nice, I know I bummed you three out)... Anyhoo, just as the girl who opened the show was going on, my head began throbbing. Her name, incidentally, is Courtney Jay and she was great. Before Sugarland even got onstage, I had a full fledged screamer pounding away in my skull. It was absolutely miserable. All I wanted was to see this band, I'd gotten so excited about this show and so eager to hear them and enjoy it and I sat there holding my head on my shoulders to keep it from exploding for the entire fucking show. That wierd thing with my vision started happening and I couldn't see normally, which made me nauseous. After the encore song started, I was ready to go ahead and leave and my vision was so blurry that I had to hold onto both rails going down the stairs. By the time we got to the car I couldn't focus on anything. I rode the entire way home holding my head and covering my eyes. Everyone else rode in silence for me, which I know had to suck royally.

After I got home and into bed, X-random fucktard one street over had their stereo blaring again so I had to hear that thump-thump-thump until I finally just cried myself to sleep. My neck and shoulders have been pinched and sore for most of the day as a result of all this.

Rode my bike with Damien this afternoon, got home completely worn out and disappointed that I was so out of shape. Took pictures of princessqtpi & ryno_v_6point7 downtown, some of which turned out very well and I am going to work on them as soon as I am inspired to do so, tonight simply isn't the night. Gave Ryno the Buckley collection, which he was stoked about. Made baked spaghetti for dinner for djrl, supertina, thedigitalghost, and myself that was pretty good.

Finally got all of the coding right for both of my journal layouts, much love and gratitude as always to ilubmoney for invaluable assistance and encouragement. Final tweaks were finished this morning! Both my journal and my friends pages look exactly how I wanted them to.

The Sugarland cd is very good, I've been enjoying it immensely all day. I feel very stressed, tired, and disappointed all in all. Grateful that I got to go to Atlanta and the show with people I love, unhappy with how it went down. Hopefully soon I'll just forget about the bad bits. Until then, I've got my period and am fresh out of Manpons™. GRRRR...
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