February 7th, 2003

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<a href="http://www.msnbc.com/news/869586.asp?0cv=CB10"<b>States lose track of sex offenders - I.E. Someone needs to get their ass kicked, THEN fired!</b></a>

<a href="http://www.msnbc.com/news/869817.asp?0cl=c2"<b>MSNBC Poll: Did Michael Jackson have only 2 plastic surgeries?</b></a>

I watched about 5 minutes of the Michael Jackson interview last night, it absolutely sickened me.

Avery is hollering at the floor again. Earlier she was chastising the window. ::shakes head, grins::
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Jesus H. Christ, here we go again...

I officially hate both Madison & Phoebe. They are the instigating dogs here at home. Scout is the oldest, the matriarch of our thre dogs. She is a yellow lab and the sweetest of the three. Madison is Nathan's dog, and she's normally a very docile pit bull. She loves people, she doesn't like other dogs aside from Scout & Phoebs. And then there's Phoebe. The mixed breed dumb ass. She's dumber than lettuce, and has very odd and/or quirky habits. Anyhoo...

Someone was banging very hard on the back door a while ago when I was coming up the hall from putting the baby down for a nap. It was the meter guy, and no sooner did I get to the door when I saw him running up the side yard towards our neighbors house. I thought this was odd, and then I opened the door to see what was going on when I heard it - there was howling and growling and snarling coming from the backyard. My first thought? "Damnit, whoever doesn't die I'm fucking killing MYSELF..." I am SO SICK of Madison instigating these fights, and I know she's the one that always does it. I jumped the fence and ran to them - both Maddy & Phoebs were all over Scout. Mind you, we have a 6'+ privacy fence and I scaled it like it was chain link, so of course now my back is starting to hurt like a MUTHA. Anyhoo...

As soon as they caught sight of me Scout took off running and tried to get behind me. Phoebe was trying to bite her and since she was closest to me I kicked the shit out of her and she ran to the fence and cowered. Madison was still trying to jump on Scout so I whacked her as hard as I could with a mop handle and she let Scout go. Then she did what she always does after she gets in a fight, she cowered down and acted ashamed because she knew she did wrong. She's bloodied up a bit but I've seen her worse. Scout has some blood on her and is limping a tiny bit but is otherwise fine I think. Phoebe was unscathed through the ordeal and is fine. ::gnashes teeth::

Scout is the best dog in the world. She mothers the other ones, she's always the best mannered, and is the sweetest. Madison I'm just plain sick of and Phoebe I never did like since the day they brought her wierd ass home. I put Scout in the big bathroom on a comforter and she's resting comfortably. The other two are outside and I could care less. I am SO glad that none of these are my dogs, but I feel for Maggie & Nathan. I called Maggie and she said "I hope Madison is alright because I refuse to pay one more cent to a vet for that bitch". I totally understand that too - she has spent several hundred dollars on Madison's fights in the past two years. She also informed me of her intentions to give Phoebe to Amy & James, which would make me VERY happy indeed. I want things to go back to normal like they were before we had the Crips & the Bloods for pets, especially considering that before the other two got here, Scout was like the little old lady who works at the crosswalk for the school kids. Poor baby!
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