January 20th, 2003


Evidently some folks I know are going through some sort of another kind of strife. Some folks I know are losing their damned minds. Some are changing into people I don't even recognize. Some are facing all sorts of opposition from other alleged friends. Some are trying hard to get their shit together. Some are pointing fingers when they are the LAST ones who need to be pointing at anything other than a goddamned mirror. Some are being outright evil and causing more grief than they realize. I hope that whatever points they are trying to make don't come back and bite them in their collective asses, unless they've asked for it - and then let the cowchips fall where they may.

All I can say is for those of you starting unneccessary shit; for those of you laughing at another's misfortunes; and for those of you biting the hands that feed your sorry asses; I hope that the shame you deserve to feel eats you alive - just swallows you whole, bones and all.

I've started running again, and it leaves me feeling very accomplished and reenergized. I'm adding time and miles each day and am about to resume sit-ups, crunches, weights, and push-ups too. Maggie and I are going to start Pilates soon, and evening yoga. I'm eating less each day, drinking more water, and trying to eat fewer carbs and get more quality sleep. I'm getting geared up for Spring to get here, I'm going to ride my bike and run at least five days a week.

I'm tired of being depressed. My sadness sometimes feels like it is going to consume me wholly. I feel volatile one minute and totally apathetic the next. Thanks to all of you who are wishing me well, I'm doing my best and the exercise is helping, but it is a slow process.
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