January 17th, 2003

New Contact

My new email address is JudeBennett32@aol.com. I am no longer using AOL for anything but email, so I will not be available for instant messages any longer.

Very cold day, supposed to be like 19° tonight and snow flurries or something. We're going to have dinner at Mellow Mushroom tonight as Frank & Rhonda are leaving soon for New Mexico and it will be a chance for us to all get together. That and we love the pizza there. The Kosmic Karma pizza kicks 15 different kinds of booty!

Feeling pretty alright today, it's very quiet here with the baby sleeping (she konked out about 15 minutes ago) and nothing else going on. Planning on making some new stuff for dinner on Sunday, will post recipes in the recipe journals for those of you interested. There are some great ones out there, look in my user info under "Member Of" for some of the recipe/cooking communities.

I'm planning on at least one picture outing this weekend with the family, I have to get those pictures of Tina and Damien finished. Have a great day all, be careful and safe this weekend!
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    The American - Angie Aparo