January 2nd, 2003

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First things first...


I got an awesome Mythmas present yesterday that Mom & Dad brought back from Atlanta - they brought me a Pampered Chef baking stone so I can make all kinds of oven yum yums. I had one before, but the evil bitch that used to be my friend and has since become known to Maggie & myself as "Cunt Whore" (I'm thinking of changing that to "Voldermort", will have to get approval from Mags) washed it with soap after I'd told her not to - and this after breaking a big chunk out of the side - so from then on everything I baked on it tasted like super grease cutting Dawn™. She also broke all of my collector's glassware, several of my plates and bowls, and ruined my dining room table. One day I will refinish that thing. I also have to reupholster the chairs that she let the kids ruin. I blame her for stealing all my money and me losing my house, a house that I put a lot of my money, time, energy, and heart into. I need to stop ranting about how much I hate her, I'm already depressed.

Stupid People In The News: The Salvation Army turned down a $100,000 donation from a Florida lottery winner because its local leader did not want to take money associated with gambling.

I am in desperate need of accomplishing something to make me feel good about myself again. I'm in the process of making my resolutions for the new year, and part of me doesn't even want to bother. There are forces working against me, and I have little control over the majority of them. It sucks when you are in need, and yet you have almost no feasible options. I know I'm being very cryptic, but for now I have to be. I'm not trying to solicit pity or sympathy from anyone here, know that now - just putting my thoughts out there.
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