December 18th, 2002

Before I Go, bear with me here...

A few things before we get on the road. Mom, Dad, & Tina are already headed up to Ohio as I type this. We're leaving in the morning at 3:30AM and will not be back until late Sunday night.

Most of you know that my best friend Shane, whom I love and miss incredulously, died in June of 2000. He got up for work that morning like it was any other day and never came home to his wife and children. I heard a while back of a LiveJournal user {kiss_me} who went on a road trip and was killed in an accident. This post is taking a rather morbid turn, but you're going to have to bear with me as this is very important.

I plan on having a fun, safe trip this weekend with my Damien. I'm looking foreward to the sights and meeting new people and all of it. We plan on being as safe as is possible TO be - but the truth is we never know what could happen to us - to any of us...

Those of you who have wound up on my friends list are all there because I love you in one respect or another. You all mean a great deal to me and I thank you for letting me share in your lives each day. I've made many friendships through LiveJournal, and my quality of life has been improved by you all individually and collectively. You are all wondrous, amazing people and I wanted you to know that this is how I feel about you and how I view you. I know that Shane loved me, he told me all of his secrets and trusted me implicitly. I didn't know the last time that I told him I loved him that it would BE the last time, but that is how life works. He lived how he wanted and did what he wanted to do fearlessly and that is a tremendous comfort to me. It sustains me.

My point is that I love you people, for your kindnesses, your encouragement, your humor, and even in spite of the fact that some of you are nucking futs. This is not to make you feel saddened or worry about me, it is for you to celebrate and be made special for!

My cell phone number is (706) 593-8841 and it is always on. I'll be on the road all day Thursday and all day Sunday.

Take care and be well, energy & light to you all... Will post when I get there safely!
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