December 11th, 2002

::frolics in the daisies, stabs random stupid people::

I barely slept last night. Avery woke me up coughing and making horrible noises at 12:30 and I kept getting up to check on her. She never moved or rolled over or anything, but she sounded very congested. I am constantly paranoid that she will stop breathing in her sleep, so when things like this happen I don't sleep. If I hear her pacifier fall out of the crib and hit the floor, I'm sitting up in the bed and waiting for her crying. I generally check on Cole whenever I check on her, and found him in the fetal position on his bed with his quilt on the floor. I covered him up and he sat straight up in the bed and began chastising the dog for apparent misdeeds... "Buckley, you aye in a time out, so quit yoye bayking WIGHT now..." Then he fell back on the bed and was fast asleep.

I decided to forego a shower this morning and wait until I got home for one so I could rest an extra 30 minutes. I got up, got dressed, checked both babies, and found Maggie sitting on the living room sofa in the dark. She really hadn't slept much either and was complaining of a migraine. She took Tylenol for it and I put her in my bed and came to work.

Remoh, the overnight guy and one of my favorite people to work with let me borrow his old school R&B and blues cd collection, most of which are guys I've never heard of. The cd covers alone are worth it, I must scan some of them and post the pictures here! CD covers of these jheri curled guys in pimp suits standing next to a Lamborghini, cell phone held to their ear, and bejewelled fingers flashing some kind of sign or other. It reminds me of an incident several years ago at a movie theater with my old friend Tony. We were in the theater and it was kind of crowded when this guy comes walking down the isle, gold rings, chains, teeth - you name it... sunglasses... spangley suit and matching fedora... pocketwatch and walking cane... struttin'... So some random yahoo yells out "Yo, man! Pimpin's dead!". A nervous laughter broke out and the whole joint went dead silent as this guy turned around slowly and replied even more slowly "Pimpin' ain't dead, ho's just scared..." I'm telling you, we laughed our monkey asses off.
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