December 6th, 2002


It's Friday, thank dog... Speaking of dogs, Nathan found a puppy wandering yesterday in the parking lot at Publix - he was freezing, hungry, and frightened. Poor baby isn't older than 8 weeks, I should imagine. I cannot tel what kind of puppy he is (aside from completely precious) but he has peanut butter brown colored fur, a black mask, and rather floppy ears. Kind of like a mastiff:

He's going to be a big 'ol monster! Until we find him a home, we're calling him "Buckley". ::does the cabbage patch::

Okay, explain how THIS makes sense... A companywide meeting has been scheduled for this morning at 8:30AM... All of us who are in morning drive shows are going to be taken off the air for this meeting. ::twitches, shakes head::

I Love You!
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Oh My DOG, don't EVEN get me started!!!!!

Vatican says gays unsuitable for priesthood

This is why I hate the Vatican and why I am absolutely convinced that as an institution it is inherently evil. Meanwhile, pedophile priests are overwhelmingly heterosexual, a fact that seems to get overlooked by these fucking child hating morons in charge. Lunacy, total and utter lunacy. You'll declare gay folks unfit to lead a congregation, yet make every concession under the sun for these other fuckrags.

And for those of you that I love and respect (and there are many of you, I'm singling no one out here), know now that as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, I'm not about to censor myself or back down from my hatred of this institution. It is corruption and evil at it's most pure level, and I will shout it from the rooftops because it is the truth.

I'm so mad I'm in tears 15 minutes before I go into this meeting to see whether or not I still have a fucking job. No, I'm not kidding.
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