November 26th, 2002

Okay, Goddamnit...

I need for today to be a good day. After yesterday, I need for today to be a good day.

I have had a headache and chest pains for close to three days now. I want new lungs, I'm sick and fucking tired of these defective ones. The morning is sucking in a huge way. Someone put the wrong log in the computer last night, so for over an hour I've been playing commercials from a month ago. I cannot make this up during my show because there are no promos that can be dropped, so I'm just fucked.

Cole and Avery had me overstimulated yesterday and Maggie as well. As a matter of fact, at one point while we were making dinner last night both kids were being loud and aggravating and she burst into tears and went to the back of the house for a few minutes. I finished dinner and we ate - then Nathan took it upon himself to clean the kitchen, which was especially sweet considering the mood through the house.

Maggie and I sat down last night and tried to plan a schedule of daily housework and we talked a bit about trying to get Cole on a schedule of household chores and about doing something about his behavior. His attitude is getting pretty bad and he's pushing everyone's buttons. We're planning a way of giving him more responsibilities and incentive to better behave himself. He has to get his chores done before he can watch TV or have his computer time or play outside. Things like cleaning his room, putting his laundry away, doing his homework when he gets home from school, and a few other things here and there. As far as keeping up on his behavior, this is what I came up with:

I'm going to make a picket fence out of popsicle sticks with magnetic backs that will go on the refridgerator on a background of grass. There will be 35 sticks total, in groups of five - each group a different color to represent the days of the week. He will be given 5 sticks a day, and each time he misbehaves a stick will be taken away from him. Each stick he loses will be a priviledge taken away, like TV time or computer time or dessert after dinner.

The week will end on Friday night at bedtime and begin anew on Saturday morning. If he keeps 30 sticks by Saturday morning, he will be awarded a list of different things/places to go and fun things to do for being a good boy. It will be his choice what he gets to do, but we provide the options. Theoretically he gets 5 sticks as freebies, he can afford to misbehave 5 times a week and keep 30 sticks. If he takes the initiative to be helpful on his own, he can earn sticks back for the day. So there you have it!

This commercial log is just fucked, and I am NOT happy about it. I'm leaving my bad mood here when I leave work, but for now GRRRR...
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