November 25th, 2002

Jesus H. Bloody Buggery Bollocky Christ!

I got the shock of the season this morning when I walked into the studio and instead of seeing Remoh, I see lolasenvy. With maybe an inch of hair covering her entire head. Then she's telling me about this new guy she's met, "Jesse". Oh yes - she's smitten. She's even hoarding a steak for impending.... sumpin' sumpin'... Don't ask, I'm still trying to get my mind around the whole encounter.

ryno_v_6point7's fallen back in love with Kendall, which frightens me a bit but I'm just hoping he's happy and keeps a level head. So long as he's happy, that's all I care.

pacwastaken IMmed me last night, it was great to talk to him. He must've known I was missing him or something. We talked about cars - his modified GTO and the new BMW 745Li that I'm salivating over. This car, I tell you - if I had a soul to sell, I'd pimp that shit out for this car faster than you can say iDrive.
I was looking for links and such to post here and found two official sites on the company, one ( deals exclusively with the cars - whereas deals with the motorcycles, bicycles, apparel, and assorted other merchandise (overpriced crap, I'll admit) but it's fun to look at. I even found a cool t-shirt!

Pretty relaxing weekend all in all. Went for a bike ride yesterday through downtown, that was nice - hadn't done that in a while. Saw some Giftmas decorations and lights and stuff, that kinda gave me the warm fuzzies. Two more days before I get my jumpstart on Thanksgiving, and I'm really excited about it. My reward to myself will be Thanksgiving evening, around 8 or so, when I have that big, nasty, ghetto-assed, bootleg-assed, open faced, gravy-drippin' turkey sammich that would choke a fucking donkey. Oh yes.
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If I'm talking about you, you'll know - if not, mind ya bidnezz...

First of all, DON'T come walking up on me all grand like you're a fuckin' peacock and shit - 'cause you ain't. I wouldn't give a fuck if you were Liz Windsor - the fucking Queen of England, or even the goddamned Pope, you're no better than me or anyone else. I know for a fact that within the past 24 hours you've ripped a hot one that even had the fucking DOG looking at you like "Now THAT'S just wrong... What the hell did you eat, anyway? Man, I gotta get the fuck outta here, this is worse than kitty's litterbox!"

So fuck off with your plasticity™ and general fakeness, or I swear to dog I'l wait until we're in a room full of people and look in your fucking face with a wrinkled nose and fan the air with my hands and say out loud "Jesus Christ - was that YOU?"
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