November 21st, 2002


I am SOOO excited! A vaccine has been developed that actually PREVENTS cervical cancer! This is so completely incredible, it makes way for so many other possibilities in medicine, you have no idea. I'm hopeful for the future of oncology. I have lost so many people to cancer it's astonishing. There is a part of me that is angry that this couldn't have happened sooner for people (and their families and friends) who have suffered for so long battling this disease, but future generations will have a considerably better quality of life as a result. Click Here for the full story.

I was completely lethargic yesterday. I had no energy until close to 2:00 in the afternoon. My headache finally left me about the same time. The tile guy finished the floor in the computer office at home the day before yesterday and I moved the desk and bookcase and ther things back in. It looks great! Now the tile is the same in the office, the kitchen and dining room, the laundry room, and the master bath. It looks great against the hardwood floor. The tile looks like this:

I've decided that I want to go bowling for my birthday. That is all I want to do is go bowling. Bowling, beer, and my friends just hanging out and having a great time. No presents necessary, there's not really anything I want or need more than for people to spend a little time with me. You just never know what could happen to any of us at any given time, and if anything ever happened to me I would like for people to say "We had the BEST time on his birthday, it was so much fun!". For the record, when I leave this earth, I want my birthday to be a party every year for my friends and loved ones, wherever you are - here in town or a thousand miles away. Invite a bunch of people, do something fun, and have a cake for me that you all blow candles out on at the same time. Happy Birthday parties all over the place for me when I'm gone. I'll find a way to be there for all of them.
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