November 15th, 2002

A T T E N T I O N...

Whatever troll escaped the confines on my bedroom walls last night to remove my sinuses, frappe them in a blender, and return to my skull the butchered contents kindly GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

I woke up all crappy feeling and confused this morning. Once again, I get a few full days of feeling normal only to have my allergies lead me into another cold. It's been very rainy and humid lately, and then we get a couple of days of slightly warm weather which produces mold spores - I'm highly sensitive to mold spores. It's supposed to rain today starting around 3 or so and going through the weekend apparently. Yay. ::twirls little flag that reads "...goddamnit..."::

I've been looking for cool journal layouts that are something that Damien would like. If you guys know of any that are kind of space age/science fiction/Star Trek/Star Wars/3D animation/graphic design kinda thingamajigees, please post the links to said journals on the comments page.

I'm making a total of 12 cd's for plush - 3 are audio cd's and the rest are all MP3. Of course, lots of 80's music, Jeff Buckley and Jennifer Nettles.

I read on MSNBC that the FTC has squeezed the company that does the Miss Cleo crap so hard that the company is forgiving $500 mil in outstanding debt. It is also returning all uncashed checks to people who calllled har nowww far thar free tarot readin'! In funnier news, they produced her birth certificate that proves she was born in LA to American parents. Bet ya didn't see THAT comin', did ya Mommy?

...In The News...

Ray Charles Signs Def Leppard Album

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