November 12th, 2002

::grumble grumble grumble::


Sometimes I'll wake up for no reason, sometimes I'll wake up because I hear one of the kids, sometimes I'll wake up because of a noice I hear outside. I normally wake up at 4:30 in the AM to get ready for work, and I try to be in bed no later than 10 so I can get a good night's sleep. I never get upset if one of the kids wakes me up, it's my responsibility if I hear them first to make them feel safe and get them back to sleep.

I swear that the next time my neighbors' dogs start sounding the Twilight Bark, thus inciting a barking riot amongst all dogs within miles, and said neighbors DON'T get their asses out of bed and go do something about it, I'm going to dognap their pets and give them to responsible pet owners - THEN I'm going to put ransom notes in their mailboxes printed on the menus of Filipino restaurants. THEN I'm going to tell all of their children that there is no Santa Claus and that their parents are not only big fat liars, but they're trying to kill them when they go to sleep - "So, kids - you must NEVER go to bed at night when Mommy & Daddy tell you to!"

This is why: I went to bed at the normal time of 10 last night. I was sleeping soundly until 1:30 when every fucking four legged furry bastard-mongrel that wasn't sleeping peacefully in my house decided to act like they were Jerry Goddamned Springer Show panelists and have a barking riot for the next... two... hours... Then, after I'm rolling around in the bed - CRYING because I cannot get sleep - for the duration of this bullshit, I finally get settled and am drifting off when Avery starts crying. I jumped up because she dropped her Binky (pacifier) and it hit the floor loudly, then she started wailing. I went across the hall to her and picked her up. She snuggled against my neck and I held her for about 20 minutes until she fell back asleep. I put her down and rubbed her temples (this usually calms her down) until I was sure she was asleep. I knew by this point that I could forget going back to sleep, and it didn't even matter to me that the Twilight Bark was back in action by this point. I went ahead and got dressed and worked on the new layout for my friend's LJ page. It's not viewable yet, but hopefully will be in the next couple of days.

Here's to hoping I can make it through the day without hitting the wall too early, that the flu shot I'm getting today doesn't make me sick and/or run a fever, and that I don't have to kill any stupid people for bitching about utter nonsense within earshot of me. At least I get to go home to a clean house, of this I'm happy.
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Dcurr: I love you, baby. I just want you to know that

JudeBennett107Q: I love you too - is anything wrong?

Dcurr: No, nothing at all. I just was driving home and it hit me that I could be a victim of something stupid like a shooting, or my car could hit a patch of water the wrong way, or a metor could hit me, or I could come home and someone would be robbing my house and kill me or something, and then I wouldn't get another chance to tell you and my family that I love them. It's silly, but just made me think.

JudeBennett107Q: You've been around me long enough, it's rubbing off!

Dcurr: :-)