November 5th, 2002

Feh... ::grumble grumble::


I'm getting really bored with not feeling 100%, I'm not kidding. It's hard enough trying to drag my half dead carcass out of bed at 4:30 AM daily, let alone come home to a WELL infant, and be able to keep up with her. Avery is improving slowly, but last night Nathan came home from work early complaining of feeling like Hell. Cole, Avery, and myself were all in pajamas looking at him like "Oh great, another club member."

Avery is all over the place now that she's learned this whole crawling thing. Yesterday she was caught in the kitchen looking under the table for dust bunnies to chase and/or sample. Pretty soon I'm going to have to get the baby gates up.

SO I'm flipping from the Weather Channel to CNN to MSNBC and there he is... Justin Timberlake and that annoying-as-hell song he's got out. Then I learned the secret to appreciating the video. It's called "M U T E"... I have to admit, I do enjoy looking at that boy. Especially now that he's in his 20's and I can think he's hot without my inner Creep-O-Meter™ going into the red. I realize he's not goodlooking by some of you, but you all are probably attracted to some folks here and there that I think look like the equivalent of Ralph's litterbox chunks, so... Bear that in mind before you think of posting a reply slagging me off.

Hmmmm... What else... I think I need to save it for later maybe.
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Okay, WIERD!!

I finish the previous entry, and then Bob & Sheri start talking about Justin Timberlake - then I see a story on him sprawled across CNN. Am I still home in bed sleeping, or did it just get REALLY wierd in here? Maggie was asking me about good restaurants in Little Five Points, because we were planning on a day trip there soon. I mentioned La Fonda (kick ASS Mexican food), Bridgetown Grill (amazing Jamaican restaurant, now closed ::sniff sniff::), and The Vortex, the place with the big skull that has spinning eyes for a door. Then in this morning's paper, there's a story about L5P and whaddya know! There's a picture of the Vortex's front with the big skull door.

::hears the Twilight Zone theme song playing in own head::

So there's this really amazing kid named Steven Cozza who is an Eagle Scout with a ton of merit badges. He's a straight boy who started an organization called Scouting For All when he was about 14 or 15. It pissed him off that the Boy Scouts Of America kicked out a gay scout named James Dale and also made it known that gay men were not fit to be Scout Masters. He started Scouting For All as a means of challenging these injustice and fairness issues with the BSA. Now he's taken on the cause of Darrell Lambert, an Eagle Scout with 30+ merit badges who is being expelled from the BSA because he's an Atheist. Please sign the petition in support of both these amazing young men who refuse to compromise basic principles of freedon and democracy. Get involved, take a stand for fairness and justice. Standing complacently on the sideline is as bad as waving a flag that says "It's Okay To Discriminate". This affects us all!

On a side note, I think I now understand why Eminem wants to kick Moby's ass...

Also, I found this site called that has funnies on the site, my favorite of which is called "Godlibs™" - it's a play on Madlibs™, and is tremendous fun if you're a fellow blasphemer. Click here to see my own Godlib™, Collapse )