October 29th, 2002


I was sleeping fine until close to 3AM when it happened... Martin perched outside my bedroom window, took off his cat costume and wore his inner self, which I lovingly call "Rabid Tasmanian Devil From The 5th Level Of Dante's Hell" and fought another cat the size of Babe the goddamned Blue Ox. I mean RIGHT under my window, I heard them thumping on the wall. I was all like "Kill him! Kill the fat bastard!" I swear I tasted my own blood and wished it were his.

The baby woke up, I had to pacify her, THEN kill Martin, THEN bury him so Maggie wouldn't see his body sawed in half on the lawn... Okay, okay, okay - I whacked him with a broom until he ran into the Christian's yard and then went back to my room, but LET his furry ass wake me up again from a sound sleep. I never got back to sleep so I read the rest of my book until it was time to leave the house to come here to work.

Paige told me yesterday that she has pictures of Lilly, my beloved Pug, that she's going to give me. I miss her terribly, I was hurt to the center of my being when she ran away. One day I'll have two - until then, I have the one that my sweet Cheryl gave me that Avery sleeps with at naptime. Speaking of Madame Droolsalot, I moved her rocking chair into my room so I can get her in the habit of being rocked to sleep. Last night she wouldn't go down to sleep for loving or money - so I rocked her while Maggie & Nathan laid on my bed until she went to sleep. I ran out of songs to sing her so I had to make them up, which made Maggie laugh and I had to keep going on and on and on until she was either wiped out from the day or exhausted from hearing my drivel.

I'm craving pasta puttanesca in a BAD way, man! Sometime soon I need to bake some bread too, I want foccacia and chocolate cherry bread.
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