October 28th, 2002


I just got a call from Rachel Woods, a teacher at Double Churches Elementary School - where Cole is a student. She called me because she heard that I had a nephew at her school and that she wanted to ask a favor of me. The school wants a local celebrity to host this year's spelling bee, and she wanted to know if I was interested. I told her that I would be absolutely thrilled to host the spelling bee, and thanked her for considering me in the first place.

Man oh MAN! How awesome would that be? I get to use my "celebrity" status to do something for Cole's school? HELL YES!

I had a very restful sleep last night, and my back doesn't hurt any worse today than it did yesterday - which is fine by me. There was this interesting show on the Discovery Channel (Love that one) called "A Haunting In Connecticut" that was very cool. Kind of an Amityville sort of thing. I love that kind of stuff. Family moves into a huge old house, finds out after the fact that it used to be a funeral home and the embalming equiptment and morgue freezer are in the basement in a hidden room.

Avery tried her first solid food last night, she had part of a cinnamon raisin bagel to chew on for her teething gums. She kept flaring out her nostrils with that distinctive "What the bloody hell is THIS all about?" look on her face. It was adorable.
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New Development!

Paige called me again at work this morning, and we talked for a little while. She has not only rid herself of Casey completely, but is pursuing legal action against him for taking money from her. I'm very proud of her and glad that she finally came back to her senses. She came by this morning when I got home to see me and was very nervous that I was going to still be upset with her, but I hugged her and told her that all I ever wanted was for her to be in charge of her life and be responsible and happy. Of course, being Paige, she cried. I told her that I didn't want tears anymore, that I wanted her to be happy finally. She replied "You KNOW how I get!" and I giggled at her and told her she was a goofball.

We sat and talked until Maggie brought Cole home from school, she was nervous that Maggie was going to be upset with her as well, but Maggie smiled at her when she walked in and hugged her and small talked for a minute before she had to go back to work. Paige was so relieved that she cried again.

I've got dinner made already for the most part. We're supposed to be getting pumpkins tonight if I'm not mistaken. I heard of a nursery out Fortson Road close to here that has the best selection of pumpkins around - apparently they have a gajillion of them.

Paige brought me these pictures from when I took her to Amelia Island to my family beach house two years ago, I made a new icon out of them. WOOHOO!! More pictures of my scary mug!! ::grimaces::
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