October 22nd, 2002

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Maggi (mdoodleaf) made a comment about Clinton getting a blow job, so let me just say this: If Laura would get over herself and take off the puritanical apron long enough to give ol' Dubya a hummer once in a while, maybe he'd put his finger on HER button instead of THE button. Then maybe he'd talk to the kitty cat now and then and she'd stop looking like you could freeze ice in her cleavage. Geez, how I hate people in office being puritanical! For as much as it bit to find out Clinton had a wandering streak, I must say it was a relief to finally know that the President of the United States actually HAD a dick that worked!

Jesus Christ on a rubber crutch, man, I need a caffeine IV today! I also need to be dipped in a vat of Percocet. I had a little mishap yesterday involving my foot slipping on something in the living room at home and my body crashing into the hard floor, but I'm actually not as sore as I thought I would be. It happened very fast and the back of my head smacked the floor so hard that I saw stars for a couple of minutes, and before I knew what had happened it was over. I'm just glad I wasn't carrying the baby when I fell.

The anniversary dinner last night was great, and we laughed a lot. Then again, we always do.

When I got home last night, Maggie told me that Great Gramdmama Mary had died yesterday morning. Great Grandaddy Walter was so distraught that he had to be admitted to the hospital and put in the cardiac care unit. He won't last long without her, she was his reason for living really. I hate to admit this, but I hope it is soon because I don't want him to be without her for long and suffer that loss alone. She was an entirely beautiful woman and it just got a little colder without her. I'm glad she came over to the house a couple of weeks ago, especially for Haley's birthday.

Rest well sweetness, you're not sick anymore. Visit him often until it's his time to go and be there when it comes.
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