October 3rd, 2002

I'm So Sure...

Damien asked me last night if I had taken John off of my friends list. I told him yes, I took him off my friends list when he pushed my hand away for the last time after I tried to extend it. He told me that John had posted something about me on his journal and that somehow Josh had invited himself into the fray and that they were going back and forth with commentary about me until he decided to drop it. He posted the link to these comments, but I told him "No - I'm not reading that nonsense - it is beneath me."

Here's the thing, folks. I want nothing to do with John until or unless he starts doing right by the people who are helping him; starts growing the fuck up and not acting so childishly; and gets his shit together and make an effort like every other person I know does. I'm not sure how or what Josh has to do with any of this, nor do I care. We're not friends, never really have been, and it's not like I care what anyone thinks of me in the first place. I haven't read whatever was said, so I don't even know if anything I would take to heart was said. I did ask Josh recently for about how one goes about hacking a password. I was looking for Pac, but found him online instead. I figured he knows a lot about this sort of thing, no harm in asking...

The only reason why any of this is worth mention... wait a tick, I'll be damned! ::rolls eyes::

Tonight I'm going to The Loft (grimaces, shakes off principles) for drinks with the new station owners (Archway Broadcasting... The Boss With The Applesauce For The Applesauce Starved) I'm sincerely hoping that no one forces me to imbibe actual spirits, I'm going biking afterwards and it would truly be embarrassing to get a DUI on a bicycle. Or funny, depending on how you look at it.

Okay. I have a proposition for every living being I know. It goes like this: Try for ONE FULL WEEK to not bitch, whine, or otherwise piss & moan about ANYTHING trivial. That's my new exercise, I want everyone to try it with me. Just bear in mind for the upcoming week that we don't live in a country where we're forced to wear a burka and none of us are starving so we really can't afford to bitch about petty bullshit. Save your bitching for important things... Like parents who cannot be bothered to love - let alone raise - their own children. Or the parents who raise their chldren to absolve themselves of any and all responsibility... Don't give it more than five minutes at a time.

Food For Thought:

Can someone explain to me how our president opposes abortion, yet supports the death penalty?

...An Opinion...

I'll leave you with this... While I was talking to Damien last night about this John/Josh stuff, Cole walked past me with his backpack, his shoes, his soccer ball, and a few other things. I asked him what he was doing and he replied "What I'm supposed to do" - implying being responsible for himself. No one told him to put his things away, he did it of his own volition. Amazing how this five year old just does what he's supposed to do, what is expected of him, without having to be told and without expecting a gracious slap on the back for doing it. He goes out of his way to do for himself and be independent, even to the point of getting himself a drink, making himself a sandwich, cleaning up his room, and doing his homework ...and he's only five. Makes you wonder what the excuse is for some of you - and if I'm talking about you specifically, you'll know. Don't blame me because you cannot take the truth.
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