September 26th, 2002

It's Thursday Already?

Hurricane Isadore will be making it's way nearby soon, by tomorrow morning they say. We're supposed to get some of it later this evening, the weather sources I get here at the station are implying that we're going to get close to a full inch or two in heavy downpours and very strong (dare I say "gusty") winds. We shall have to see - to my riding group for this evening, keep a close eye on the weather with me and we'll make a decision on biking later this afternoon. I cannot aford to be sick right now, and with my sinuses going haywire everyday I'm pushing my luck. If I have no voice, I cannot work, ya dig?

Paige wanted me to call her yesterday after I'd given her some time to rest, she said she hadn't gotten much sleep in the previous 3 days. Paige sleeps more than any grizzly in hibernation, so I was skeptical of that. To say nothing of the fact that I'm not the one trying to repair a friendship. I didn't call her. I have no intentions of calling her. If it's important enough to her, she'll do the work to prove that and make it happen.

John emailed me and while I'm a little less angry with him, he also has to work on proving to me that he's sincere about mending his wrongs and setting things right by time and action. I'm dealing with two people I'm holding at arms length, and for the time being that's just the way it's going to have to be. I have my own stuff to sort out that is completely independent of anyone else's drama, and I have a responsibility to myself and those I love to focus on myself first.

Damien is sometimes the funniest person I know - he's also corny as hell sometimes. We were laying on my bed talking last night and I was explaining to him something to the effect of how when you're talking to someone and clearly they're not interested in paying attention to you - and he starts yawning! It was hilarious. That was like when I was trying to explain why I enjoyed Latino/Hispanic culture, because the people were passionate and I couldn't stand apathy and apathetic people - and he looks at me dead in the face and with no expression whatsoever says to me ", I don't care..." I still crack up over that one.

Cole was playing with Maggie the other night and he was laying across her lap and then jumped up. She said to him, rather creeped out, "Did you just lick me?" Without even thinking too much about it he goes "No, I drooled." Later she made the comment to him that if he didn't settle down she was going to beat his ass. He fell over backwards onto the floor laughing at her, this genuinely amused him. He totally called her out on it too - "Oh no yoye not!" So of course, I burst out laughing as well. Damien looked at me with that astonished "Oh no he didn't!" stare before laughing himself. That kid, I swear - he just slays me sometimes.
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