September 15th, 2002

Sunday Morning


No one is safe from the wrath of the fire-breathing Nunzilla. Clutching a Bible in one hand and a ruler in the other, this holy terror will have you owning up to transgressions from as far back as birth. Nunzilla is 3" tall and made of hard plastic and with an intimidating expression. Wind her up and she trudges forward like a determined diciplinary force, shooting sparks from her mouth.
Nunzilla comes in her own personal cardboard convent, measuring 3.5 inches x 2.25 x 2.25 inches

Order Nunzilla Now!!

::giggles maniacally::

Watched "Monster's Ball" last night, it was okay - could have let Hallie Berry's character have a valid ending line, though... I can totally understand how she won an oscar for that role!

I've just updated dream_brother, for those of you that are so inclined.

In soccer news, Cole scored his very first goal ever yesterday morning, he was very proud of himself, and we are as well. Once he kicked it in, we all went nuts and he came running over to the sidelines for high fives from us. GO BLUE EAGLES!! GO #22!!

I think today is a cd-making day, full of downloaded music and such.

::skips off into the sunrise to KaZaA::
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