September 5th, 2002


I just spent the past 45 minutes doing the HTML coding for this really cool survey I found that I was going to cut into my journal entry... and in the blink of an eye I made some wayward keystroke and closed the whole goddamned thing, losing all that work and wasting all of that time. I'm pissed. Like "I could kill a motherfucker just to watch him die" kind of pissed. I was completely freaked out on the drive to work this morning, as this car about 200 yards in front of me this morning (it was 4:45AM, I was barely awake) went swerving all over the road just before Double Churches Elementary, as I got closer I saw blood ALL OVER the road - I'm not kidding, it looked like a "Hellraiser" movie or something - and then I slowed down almost to a stop long enough to see something dragging itself over to the sidewalk and into the woods. It appeared to be red and gray, and was either one of the aliens from the movie "Signs", or a mutant junkie wombat. Either way, it freaked me out in a big way. ANd TOTALLY ruined my craving for barbeque. That was so wrong.

I might give the survey another go once I stop being so furious. It was a ball-rocking survey.

Update: Sans groovy HTML coding, Collapse )
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Lisa Scott, the sales person for Slender Wrap™ (sponsor of The Bob & Sheri Show) has just informed me that they want me to come in for a wrap! Since I'm the producer of the Bob & Sheri Show locally, they want me to come in and have the thing done so I can talk about what it's like on the air and such. This comes a day after I mention that I have to lose like 20-25 lbs. Hmmm... Coincidence? I'm going to do it, my curiousity is piqued. Besides, what a good way to start the diet/excercise thing!