August 20th, 2002

Reasons # 128,264,755,860,264,465 & 128,264,755,860,264,466 Why There Is No God...

An Islamic court in northern Nigeria ruled on Monday that a young woman must face death by stoning according to Muslim law for having a child outside marriage...

Should Openly Gay Volunteers be Accepted as Mentors for Big Brothers Big Sisters?

In Happier News:

I'm doing the InMotionX bike ride on August 31st, which falls on a Saturday. For those of you interested in going, you can register at the website... You need to do this, it's not like we couldn't all use the exercise! Borrow a bike if you have to!
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Everyone say hello and welcome my friend Kelley (brickshackhouse) to Live Journal! Kelley is a friend of mine that goes way back - she lives in Texas with the love of her life Kenny and is one of the FUNNIEST people you'll ever meet!

::does backflip::

Love you to bits, Kell!