August 8th, 2002

Guilty Pleasures

Top 5 Guilty Food Pleasures:
(Although, some of these are arguably not food at all)

1. Chef Boyardee Ravioli, cold - hell, straight from the can is fine by me!
2. Funyuns
3. Hot Dogs - love 'em... LOVE 'EM...
4. Sixlets
5. Frozen pizzas - they rock when you add other things to them and THEN bake them.

Top 5 Guilty Music Pleasures:
1. The Best Of Neil Diamond - especially the song "Play Me" ::swoon::
2. The Best Of Kool & The Gang - if for no other reason than for "Get Down On It" ::gets funkdafied::
3. The Glen Campbell Xmas Album - it's the Xmas record that I grew up listening to, we had it on vinyl and it makes me happy
4. Culture Club's first 2 albums, "Kissing To Be Clever" and "Colour By Numbers"
5. Christopher Cross' debut album - the one with "Sailing" ::re-swoons::

Top 5 Guilty Television Pleasures:

1. Growing Pains reruns on Disney
2. Brady Bunch reruns on Nick At Night
3. MTV's Real World - New Orleans was my favorite
4. Absolutely Fabulous - the first 2 seasons
5. Montel Williams show - but ONLY when Sylvia Browne is on

Top 5 Guilty Movie Pleasures:
1. Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas - Have it on video
2. A Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your eye out!!"
3. Candleshoe - Old Disney flick, Jodie Foster & David Niven
4. Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!)
5. Fried Green Tomatoes - Dude, I cry like a little girl with a skinned knee when Ruth dies and when Evelyn is told that Ninny dies in her sleep the day before she goes to visit her in the nursing home

Top 5 Guilty Pastime Pleasures:
1. Making stabbing motions at people's butts when they're not looking for doing stupid things
2. Playing "Rock Star" in the bathroom mirror
3. Yelling "PUT THAT DOWN!" at people, especially strangers, when they drop things in public
4. Befriending store employees (Big ups to my homies at Bradley Park Publix)
5. Peeing outside - I'm a guy, we cannot help it. Ask ANY guy - peeing outside borders on ecstasy.
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My niece Amber just came by for a visit before she left for her last day of work at The Gap in the mall, she turns 19 tomorrow and is leaving for college in the morning. I am SO proud of her it is unreal.

We talked on the phone last night and I told her I was sorry for not being around more when she was younger - but she stopped me and told me that she wasn't sorry because we had a fantastic relationship and that she knew I'd always been there for her and always would be. Such a phenominal creature, this child.

You have to understand how protective I feel over her. It goes back to when she was in diapers and I used to take care of her and babysit her and her brother Josh, or when I would spend weekends with them just to be near them. That baby would crawl up into my lap and go right to sleep when NO ONE else could put her down. Her father is my brother; my sorry assed, racist piece of shit brother whom I do not claim and have in fact declared as being dead to me. My hatred of him knows no bounds and I have several reasons for this. He left me to die once, for a start...

She's worked since she was legally able to - actually, she babysat long before she turned 16, so she has been working for quite a while now that I think about it. She bought her own first car, she just traded it in on a brand new 2002 Saturn. Now she's leaving to go to college and already has a job there before she's even moved into her dorm room. And tomorrow morning she turns 19...

It started when she hugged me goodbye and backed out of the driveway... And while I'm very proud and deliriously happy for her, I cannot quit crying.