July 19th, 2002


I am N O T having a good day. First, I woke up with tremendous heartburn. Second, I cannot find my money. I had money saved in the same place I always save it in and it wasn't there. I didn't have the time to search thoroughly, so I came to work mad and freaked out. If I cannot find that money, I'm fucked - just fucked. I'm not going to think about that right now, lest I ruin the remainder of my day.

What's going on in the news today...

Zacarias Moussaoui Admits To Being al-Qaida Member, Swears Allegiance To Osama bin Laden, TRIES TO PLEAD GUILTY IN EFFORT TO AVOID DEATH PENALTY... Somebody PLEASE Kill This Motherfucker!

British Doctor Murdered 215

Sharon Osbourne's Cancer Worsens, Spreads

Rich & Famous In Malibu Still "Better Than You, O' Beach-Dwelling Miscreants And Filthy Simpletons"

Abu Sayyaf Terrorists Call On God To Help It Punish The US For Working With The Philippines Government In Its Drive To Wipe Out The al-Qaida Linked Organization

...A n d F i n a l l y...

"Actor" Steven Segal Has Mob Ties, Gambino Crime Family Alledgedly Extorts Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars As Retribution For Marked For Death
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