July 16th, 2002

Um... YEAH!!

... A n d I n T h e N e w s ...

Youth Pastor Forced To Break Out 'Hell Is Not Disneyland' Speech

Mariah Carey On Michael Jackson: "Oh HAIL Naw, Casper!"

Jerry Springer: "Heeeah's Owah Next Guest, Rosalita... Now How Loang Has She Been Calling Yew A Puta?" Could THIS Have Opened The Gateway To Murder?

Arab Rap Group In Israel Confounded In Trying To Bust Rhymes While Ululating

Name Of Gay Bar Should Have Been Clearer

CHICAGO—After accidentally walking into a gay bar Monday, Jeff Pierce, 23, said the name of the establishment failed to clearly telegraph its orientation. "I can see how Rods sounds gay," Pierce said, "but it's just not as crystal-clear as it could be." Pierce urged the bar's owner to consider changing the name, suggesting The Manhole or Big Throbbing Homo Cocks.


I'm in the process of making some LJ user pics (GIF animations) for friends of mine, if you want me to make one for you then I need you to email me the pics(up to 6) in either JPEG, GIF, BITMAP, or JPG formats.

Went bicycle shopping last night, saw the bike I want - MY OH MY but she's pretty!

See some of you this evening for our bi-weekly walk! Same Bat Time, Space Science Center @ 6:30...
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Okay, Okay...

In regards to sweetypie143, what is the big deal?

When you post something on the internet, unless you give out user IDS and passwords or block any random yahoo who wants to from seeing your stuff, THEY CAN ALL SEE IT!!!

It's no one's problem but yours, when you get down to it. Either post to Friends Only and be proactive, don't post at all and TOTALLY circumvent the issue, or accept that if you make it a public post - it's a public post.

Honestly, I don't see where the crime is or why any of this matters in the least, but hey - bitch on if you must!
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