July 15th, 2002

You Thoroughly Disgust Me

It's been a few days since I was told that my former dear friend Paige had went and lost her GAT-DAMN mind. I told her after the last time she left "Motherfucker" (in the lobby of the police station, no less, while in the process of filing a report on him for hitting her) that if she ever had anything to do with him again that I'd disown her and walk away without so much as a backward glance. Now understand, I truly do love Paige - I have for a long time. I've been there for her through some of the most intense shit she's ever faced, and put up with more of her bullshit than I have allowed from anyone since "Cunt-Whore", whom I have also declared as being dead to me...


Essentially, she dissolved her friendships with Maggie, Nathan, and myself in one fell swoop. When I told Damien, he rolled his eyes and sighed as if to say "Oh for fuck's sake..." When I told Renea, I thought for certain her head was going to explode in that distinctive "Scanners" kind of way. Then again, Renea's patience for the blatantly stupid and pathetic is pretty much nonexistent. It's one of her more interesting qualities. Spend 5 minutes with her and you'll know what I'm talking about.

So anyway, back to Madame Victim. Way to go, you fucking dumbass. I called her ex-husband, Pat, and Maggie & I talked to him for an hour. We both told him that if he planned on following through in taking the children (Sean is 8 and Shannon is 4) away from her that we were behind him and would support him 110%.

That she would put herself in harm's way AGAIN and willingly invite this horror from the 5th level of Dante's hell back into her life, her house, her bedroom, is bad enough - but to subject her children to this on any level - you don't deserve to have those children in your custody.


He's an alcoholic and a cokehead. He's insanely jealous and abusive, both psychologically and physically. He's been ordered by the court to attend anger management classes as a result of a previous relationship he had whereby he stalked his former girlfriend and probably did similar things to her. Paige is no better, in her own way. I found out from Pat that as part of the divorce decree, she is responsible for maintaining health insurance on the kids - which she has not done since they separated - yet she can buy "Motherfucker" a truck and pretty much anything else he wants.

Let me just say this for the record...
To all of my friends, especially the ones who have chldren:

If any of you ever find yourselves in an abusive or otherwise disrespectful relationship with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, I will support you in getting out of this situation, I've (unfortunately) got a lot of experience in helping people help themselves out of these harmful situations... My offer of help is not without a consequence, however.

If ever you go back, know that I will have N O T H I N G to do with you ever again. There's an old saying that goes "Once burned, shame on you - Twice burned, shame on me." I have no problem helping you help yourself, but FUCK YOU if you think I'll sit idly by and not only be complacent but assume I won't go completely against you to help keep your kids from harm.

I know you're probably reading this now and canot believe what I'm saying - but you need to wake the fuck up and get wise REAL QUICK honey, becuase I love you Paige - but fuck you. MOTHERFUCK you. Your choice has made mine and you knew this would happen. Know that Maggie and Nathan are in complete agreeance with me.

So the next time he hits you or hits those precious children that you CLEARLY care nothing about, and you need a compassionate shoulder to lean on and a friend for support, DO NOT come to my house and do not call me because I've done this with you four fucking times now, and I'll not do it again.

Columbus Alliance for Battered Women, Inc.
P.O. Box 5840
Columbus GA 31906
Business #: 706-324-3850
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