June 28th, 2002

Okay... For all of you coming up to Pride:

For any and all of you who want to come up to Atlanta this weekend (Sunday, specifically) for the Pride March, I need to know email addresses so I can send you the directions. I'm trying to make a map of the whole deal and figure out a time and meeting place. I will have a cell phone with me and will leave the number on the directions in case anyone gets lost or is late.

The best way for everyone to meet up and NOT risk getting lost and/or to avoid parking issues is to park at a MARTA station and take the train. We can meet at the Civic Center MARTA station, which is where the parade begins. The parade kicks off at 1:00 pm, but I think if we could meet by 12:00 or 12:30 at the very latest we'd be better off.

This is how it is going to go for Sunday, tentatively:

From Columbus:

I-85 North to exit 72, "Camp Creek Parkway". Keep right and look for the MARTA signs, the station is on Main Street in College Park.

If you cannot find a parking spot for some reason, there is parking along Main Street. MARTA fare is $1.75 each way, you will need 2 tokens. When you get into the station, go down the stairs and then turn left on the down staircase to the platform. The train on the RIGHT side is the Northbound train. Take this train to the Civic Center station and we will meet at the station exit gate.

If you question whether or not you'll get there in time, leave early. Plan on being on the train for a minimum of 20 minutes, give or take, and take into account that the trains run from the station every 10-20 minutes.

Jennifer Nettles Band is playing at 6:30!!

For More Info:

MARTA official website

Atlanta Pride 2002 website

PLEASE email me at JudeBennett107q@aol.com and let me know if you're coming so I can plan on looking for you and give you the cellphone #. Talk to you guys all soon!
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