June 13th, 2002

Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ...

Today is one of those days. One of those days. Where my patience for stupidity is about as close to nonexistant as it gets. Nothing has happened, no one has irritated me or pissed me off, I'm just in a mood.

I'm looking forward to going walking tonight at the Riverwalk. I'm looking forward to getting my aggression out on the pavement. I need to have a long conversation with myself about why I get like this and work on cutting it out.

And to top it all off, my gums are all puffy, sore, and irritated today. The place where my jawbone broke is extremely tender and the bone has shifted. I can feel it just beneath the surface threatning to break through, and yes, it hurts. I have one pain pill that I'm saving for when it does.

I went to the movies last night with my sweetiepiehunnylovesbabydollschmooface, Damien ::snicker::, his sister Christina, and her boyfriend CJ. We saw Enough with Jennifer Lopez as the battered wife/mother who eventually fights back and kicks her abuser's ass. All in all, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it. Then again, I love any movie where a chick beats the holy bejeezus out of some schmoe who deserves it.

You see? I start thinking about him and I feel better already. Someone even called and requested Jewel a while ago and I was thinking about my baby and it didn't even phase me. Now THAT'S love for you.

No sooner do I lighten up WHEN...

The McClure Broadcasting Hotline number is the ONE phone line I've been taught to dive over a counter to answer. Charge through a wall of flames and bulldoze over people if you have to, but ANSWER THE GODDAMNED PHONE.

The Hotline rings. I answer it. It's this guy that calls on the Hotline now and then, he's a client of another of our stations that insists he always calls on this line and that the people from the other station always answer the line. I've given him their direct number before, so he could get them directly and not have to wait on whomever to answer the phone. Or to circumvent having another company employee (who cannot help him) answer the phone and waste any of his precious time, as I can clearly see that it is important. But then again, who am I? I'm just some fucking lackey of Satan who does nothing but inconvenience HIM. Whatever. He reminded me again how he has called this number for years, and he didn't understand why I kept answering it.

"Well can you just hang up and let it ring again UNTIL they answer it? I've talked to you about this before."

::gnashes teeth:: "Certainly, I can do that for you..."

A few moments later, MY station line rings. It's the people from upstairs, calling to explain to me how this guy calls on the Hotline all the time, bleh bleh bleh BLAH, from X time to X time in the AM WE will answer the Hotline, bleh bleh bleh BLAH... I tried explaining how I was always instructed to answer the Hotline and it was out of habit, that the guy was kind of rude and condescending and I'm just doing as I was told. That was met with "Um, yeah... He always calls on this line, so from X time in the AM WE will answer the Hotline, okay?"

::swallows own tongue, shoves entire rolls of TP into nostrils to plug up now free-flowing nosebleed, puts hands on either side of head to prevent "Scanners" type head implosion::

Okay. Two things going on here for me.

First. What kind of fucking baby are you... No, wait... What difference does it make which line you get to call on so long as you reach the person you are trying to... No, wait... Am I missing something? Is there a disclaimer in the listing that says "Halt! Cease and Desist! This is ______'s Hotline, and ONLY ______ may call in on it!" Let me stop, because I could go on and on with this one.

Second. The person who called from upstairs was pretty condescending about the whole thing, but this is hardly earth shattering to me in light of the fact that I've commented on how nice she looks before and she's just stared blankly at me, and I've been less than two feet away from her and said "Good morning, how are you?" THREE TIMES IN A GODDAMNED ROW to her and been completely ignored.

Why am I irritated? Hmmm... Because I don't appreciate being talked down to by people (who make themselves more important than they really are and have no conception of kindness or humility) like I'm fucking stupid or something.

That's why.
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