June 5th, 2002

The Time Has Come

I went yesterday to the dentist, they x-rayed my teeth and are supposed to call me back (hopefully today) to get me back so they can pull these two troublesome molars out. It's gotten to the point where I can hardly chew sometimes, and when I do it takes me longer to eat than anyone else. Damien finished his dinner last night a full 15 minutes before me.

They gave me a prescription for this painkiller called "Vicoprofin", that is this deadly combination of Vicodin & Ibuprofin. H O L Y M O L E Y!! Then I got a prescription for Pennecillin to keep any possible infections at bay. With any luck they will call and I can get these bad boys yanked out after work. I'm not nervous in the least, I've already had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled so I know that it is no big deal. I refuse to spend $900 per tooth on root canals, hell - even sedative fillings are only good for a month or so and there's no guarantee they'll even work... for close to $375? I don't think so!

On the upside, Dr. Largeman & his staff are absolutely fantastic people. They are all so nice it is scary. I've never met personable people in a dentist's office, and these people are fantastic. I walked away with the feeling that they would have fed me lunch and suggested I take a nap before going home. Dr. Largeman listened to everything I said and answered every question I had and smiled and made me feel like I was the most important thing going on in his life the whole time he was in the room with me. I told him that he had an awesome staff before I left.

So all of you cross your fingers that I can get these teeth pulled TODAY. I want this whole experience over with and to get back to eating normally and sleeping a full night without waking up in pain.

At any rate, the wheels are a'turnin', and it will all be over soon I hope!
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They're Gone!

I got home from the dentist's office about 30 minutes ago, they pulled my teeth about an hour ago. I feel fine for right now, and hope that it will stay that way. As of now it is anyone's guess.

Part of the bone came away with the second tooth and left a kind of fracture in my upper jaw, but it isn't a big deal - just roots that were embedded very far into the bone. I might have a little swelling or bruising but that is a part of it I suppose. I'm going to take a pain pill in another hour and take a nap, they told me that this whole procedure will wear me out. I'm already a little light headed and have been bleeding quite a bit from the gums, but Dr. Largeman said that they were clean extractions and that all went well, considering. I won't go into the harrowing details of it, but I'm glad he gave me extra anaesthesia and I couldn't feel the things I was hearing!

SUCCESS!! NO MORE TOOTHACHES!! THROW A STEAK IN THAT BLENDER, PAPA'S HONGRY! okay, not just yet - but come this evening I bet I will be!
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