April 24th, 2002

::froths at the mouth::

U.S. Cardinals Work on Plan Against Sex Abuse
Second Day of Vatican Summit Begins

.c The Associated Press

VATICAN CITY, (April 24) - Using the strongest language yet, Pope John Paul II laid out the agenda for U.S. cardinals confronting the sex abuse scandal that has shaken the American faithful, decrying abuse both as a sin and a crime.

Talks between the cardinals and top Vatican officials resumed Wednesday, a day after the pope opened the sessions by using the word ''crime.'' The pontiff's phrasing Tuesday seemed to end any lingering debate about whether U.S. bishops should refer abuse accusations against priests to secular authorities.

In the past, some bishops have not, causing an uproar.

''The abuse which has caused this crisis is by every standard wrong and rightly considered a crime by society'' as well as an ''appalling sin'' before God, he said.

''People need to know that there is no place in the priesthood and religious life for those who harm the young,'' the pope said.

''It's the strongest language I've seen about what we call at home 'zero tolerance,''' he said. Others have called this the ''one strike and you're out'' policy.

However, Chicago's Cardinal Francis George said this wasn't entirely clear, because in another passage the pope spoke of ''the power of Christian conversion, that radical decision to turn away from sin and back to God.''

While Catholic liberals see ending celibacy as a long-term remedy, conservatives - notably including the pope's spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls - want new enforcement to keep homosexuals out of the priesthood, even if they maintain celibacy.

Cardinal Adam Maida of Detroit said behavioral scientists think ''it's not truly a pedophilia type problem but a homosexual type problem.'' He said bishops need to ''cope with and address'' the extent of a homosexual element in Catholic seminaries.

And Gregory acknowledged that ''it is an ongoing struggle to make sure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men.''</a>

...::froths some more, eyes roll back into head::...

You know, I don't know why this even surprises me long enough for me to be shocked. If there WAS a God, the Vatican would have been burned to the ground and annhilated long ago. Imagine - what kind of IDIOTS... I can't even get my mind around this bullshit, fuck it...

And In Related News...

Senator Helms to Have Open-Heart Surgery
.c The Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 24) - Sen. Jesse Helms will receive open-heart surgery at a Maryland hospital as early as this week to replace an artificial valve installed 10 years ago, his aides said.

The 80-year-old Republican will continue undergoing tests Wednesday at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., where he was admitted Monday after feeling tired and weak over the weekend.

Initial testing was inconclusive as to the existence of the aging senator's heart, however evidence of an oilcan on his bedside table made doctors suspect that at least there was "Something going on in there, but what that might be remains a mystery."


And It Keeps On Comin'!

Mideast Peace Process Derailed, Burned To Ground, Shoveled Over With Dirt

God Answers Prayers Of Paralyzed Little Boy, "No" says God

Black Gospel Choir Makes Man Wish He Believed In All That God Bullshit

Vatican Rescinds 'Blessed' Status Of World's Meek, 'Screw The Meek,' Says Pope

Christ Demands More Money

Christ Kills Two, Injures Seven In Abortion-Clinic Attack
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Two years...

I was thinking. The 2nd anniversary of Shane's death is June 30th, and that day falls on a Sunday. I was thinking that since Jennie will be in town and since that is going to be an especially difficult day for me that I would like to have a picnic that evening at Flat Rock Park, in the spot where we held his memorial service. Just have people get together there with something to eat for themselves and a quilt or blanket to lie on. Anyone interested in coming and helping me to get through that day without being a complete wreck? Also, I'd very much like to get there early and send some time picking up trash, limbs - etc. from the park & putting them where they belong. Shane loved that place, I'd like to honor his memory this way.

Then I started making dinner for the family a little while ago and decided I needed to devote at least one entry to explaining food and such.

Food, much like my music, is one of the most important things in my life. I love cooking - always have - and few things please me more than a Sunday when everyone gets together and sits down at the dining room table for a big Sunday Dinner. In the past, these amazing people I have come to love as family have always looked forward to Sundays for dinner. It was one of the only days throughout the week when we could actually all be together and spend some time as a family. We would get together one week at Shane & Maggie's house and then one week at my house in Lakebottom.

Where did two years go? This past year has just gone by like water in a stream.

I was telling Damien that I don't really like eating out in restaurants, but I'm all about getting take out and going somewhere else to have dinner. I have a few places that are my favorites. One is the observation deck at the airport, where you can watch the planes fly in and out; the Riverwalk; Downtown Promenade; any good playground that has swings; there are a few others but my mind is a blank.

Just in case you're wondering, Damien and I are seeing each other, but we are not putting a label/title on the extent of the involvement. All good things in good time. He's very interesting, very cute, and I'm enjoying getting to know him better. Soon you'll all get the chance to meet him - for now I'm not sharing.

I love and miss you Shane Allen Stephens - and I'm keeping my promise to you. He's getting so big...

Tag - You're it!

Damien: Italics
Me: Bold

*gasp* *blush* I'm touched, that was VERY sweet. I read it twice. :-)

I do feel that I need to ask you a favor... and this is part of the "being honest and up front" issue. As you know I'm shy at first, and I AM getting over that quickly. You have that personality that makes it... difficult to be shy. :-) Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at is that I would like to take things slowly and not rush into anything too quickly.

What are your thoughts on this?



No fair making me dream like that! You should be ashamed of yourself. I totally enjoyed that as well, and am sorry if my roving hands were a bit forward, but it is hard to keep them to myself when you're around. Call me when you get the chance later - I'll be here (at least I should be).

Thinking of you fondly,


I am very flattered that you like my... legs and ... well you know.

I just got home from taking the dog to the vet, where I stepped on her paw in the office and made it bleed. So now I feel completely terrible of course. She's fine, a little scared, but fine nevertheless. She's getting a routine dip and now a bandaged paw.

By the way, feel free to post a comment on my journal page if you like.

See you (and that cute...) later,


Sorry to hear about your dog's foot. That gets me thinking about my Mom's dog. We've had him for 11 years just about now, and I have really gotten close to him. He's a mix between a daschund and something else. We call him Oscar. (I named him). I love that darned mutt to death though. I'm very rarely and emotional person outwardly, keeping most of my .. feelings inside. For example, I seldom cry at funerals or in public, reserving that for special times when I'm alone or with the person I care about deeply. However, with Oscar, I fear he's gotten into that part of my heart where it's going to tear me apart emotionally and mentally to have him put down. :-( And I fear that time will be very soon, the next couple of weeks. He's developed a growth under his next, and his arthritis is getting much worse....

OK, on to happier thoughts.... *remembers your hand on my thigh...*

Well, off to lunch. Later stud!

Say hi to Cole for me. He's a cutie, but most kids are. :-) And there's a slightly interesting story I'll have to relate to you about the toy he was asking you to make into a ball last night... nothing 'wow' or anything, just something I thought was mildly interesting.



What was THAT for? Don't smack me there... hold me there. I liked that... a lot. (why do you think I covered the front side with my hand?)

*runs and hides in MILD embarrassment*

I'm writing you a long.. answer to something you asked yesterday. Stand by for that.


I see you posted my little letter. You've been a bad boy, go to my room. :-) *playing*


::runs at top speed to your room:: ...oops! My pants fell off on the way!


Wow. That was, um... YEAH!! OKAY!! WOOHOO!! ::pumps fist into the air::

I don't normally know how to accept compliments, I suppose I should be gracious and just say "Thank You" - but understand that I'm not accustomed to hearing them directed at myself in such a way. That's the dork in me coming to surface, no more or less.

As far as "Goal Structure", every day has something new to learn and I haven't the vaguest idea of what my future holds. I am not the type to map out my life and where it is supposed to lead, and I never have been. I'm content with being content. Contentedness is the opposite of being unhappy, and as long as I can achieve that then I feel I'm doing the right thing. I have few needs, so that makes it ideal for me to thrive on the little things.

Insofar as my wants are concerned, (and/or my motives) I have no adgendas and am not into dancing around subjects. When I want something, I have no fear in either asking for it or earning it on my own. I suppose I'm just darned resourceful that way! If nothing else, it cannot be said of me that I live in fear of failure. Even when you fail, there are things to be learned and that is the upside of failure - there are far worse things.

Now - as far as what I think of you, I really haven't assembled a course of completed thought as of yet, that will come in time. So far, you're definitely crushworthy and I'm finding myself fantasizing about "stuff"...... like that goodnight hug, for example. In order for me to really decide on any more than that, I need to experience you in your element. Remember, I take people at their actions and those reveal themselves in time.

I'm typing this and talking to you at the same time... Wierd...

I want to see you later - in a bad way...


That's another thing I failed to mention that I noticed and liked about you. You're very deep. Deepness denotes time spent thinking. Time spent thinking suggests intelligence. Intelligence is my absolute number one turn on. I have a phrase that I used to have on my profile as my quote. It's actually a modified quote from a famous philosopher, though the name escapes me.. anyway, it's "He thinks, therefore I want". It's just a cute little thing I made up about a year ago...

Don't worry about taking compliments. I've met very few people that take compliments well. Most people have trained themselves to view a compliment as suggestive of a hidden agenda. So when you compliment them, they are on the immediate defensive. (How tacky). When I compliment you, I assure you, it's just cause I see something I like and I want to make you feel good. Though I'm not as "if I see something I want, I ask for it or earn it" as you are, there isn't a hidden agenda when I say, "I think you're great and I wanna spend more time with you". It just means "I think you're great and I wanna spend more time with you." :-)

So... as for your goals, that's cool. I'm OK with your happy being content. My biggest goal right now is to become very proficient with 3D Computer animation and maybe get a job with Pixar, or ILM or something. Of course, these would require moving to California, something I'm not really keen on right now. However it will be years before I become proficient. (I need to finish my college degree first - another goal). Being that I'm only 25, I feel like I have plenty of time to live, have fun, and learn. So I'm not in a BIG rush, but ya know.

You want to see me later - in a bad way... ? Meaning...?

Lots of affection,


Meaning just that - I want to see you in a bad way and be close to you and talk for a bit more. I want to spoon with you for a bit and be silly and maybe go for a walk this evening if you're so inclined. We'll see - I have brownies that a certain 5 year old is helping me to construct. He's all about helping me cook...


What you doing Thursday evening? I thought I might bring Beautiful Thing over...


Hmmm.... Thursday evening... Hmmmmm... What AM I doing on Thurs... Oh NOW I remember!!! I'm going to have you all wrapped around me for a while watching Beautiful Thing before taking you back to my room for a little quality "Nekkid Time"...


Re: Thursday - Sounds great... nekkid time is not a requirement though (for me). I just want to spend time with you, and I'll be content.

Tag. You're it.


No, i realize that Nekkid time is not a requirement - but MAN it sure is fun... ::shifty eyed grin::


Tag. You're it. *runs and touches car saying 'I'm on base you can't get me! Nya nya na-nya nah!'*


Awww.. ::flashes playful puppy dog eyes, puts hands in pockets and kicks the dirt:: Base? You're on BASE? ::feh:: - I scoff at "Bases" and things like "Safety" - but for the sake of argument, be glad that I can't get you right now...


Amazon.com wish list. Go make one! Now. Do it now.


I did - I couldn't find "Jimmy Hats"


LMAO... *remembers you last night, shudders in total delight*

::remembers also, pops a woody::