April 23rd, 2002

::grins like a motherfucker::

Had a great night last night with Damien - went to Britt David and walked a couple of times around the track, then came back here and spooned on my bed for a bit. Then spooning gave way to making out, which invariably gave way to the first kiss. That's as much as I'm sharing with you fuckers right now, the rest is for me to savor. ::gets that faraway and dreamy look in eyes, adjusts::

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    El Camino - Jennifer Nettles Band

New Pic

This is the man, the legendary Jeff Buckley - arguably my favorite male musician on the planet, and without question one of the most amazingly prolific singer/songwriters that ever lived. I listen to his music, along with my beloved Jennifer Nettles, each and every day. For those of you who don't know anything by him, SHAME ON YOU - the man was a fucking genius.

Jeff Buckley

"My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder..."
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    Mojo Pin - Jeff Buckley