March 23rd, 2002


Notorious hatemonger/religious freak/ringleader of the website, is going to be in Montgomery with his lackeys in
support of Alabama Judge Roy Moore. This is the same group that protested
Matthew Shepard's funeral with signs proclaiming "God Hates Fags", "Matthew
Shepard is in hell", "Fags die, God laughs", "AIDS Cures Fags", etc.

I urge ANYONE within driving distance to come to First Baptist Church in
Montgomery on Sunday, March 24th. They are planning to be there at 6:30, and
will be at the Montgomery courthouse on Monday.

I will NOT be complacent about this. I am planning on being there and
getting as many people as possible to attend in SILENT opposition. To not
counter this group's views and outright hatred is to say that it is
acceptable - which CLEARLY it is not.

Please forward this to as many people as is humanly possible and get the word
out. Below is a link for more information.
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GRRRR ::grumbles::

I hate being in a foul mood, especially when I get my period and there are no Manpons™ anywhere in this building. People are trying to amuse me and all I want is to pinch their annoying little heads off. Add to this the fact that I'm feeling kind of blue for no real reason and you have one VERY rotten mood. I'm sitting here fuming and there's not a damned thing specifically that's pissing me off. You know how sometimes you just get angered for nothing, and how frustrating that is? Welcome to my Saturday.

I'm also wondering why Aimee and Andrew are not speaking. No one's explained this to me, so I'm left to wonder. It's kind of sad to me, really - the night I met her they seemed to be so close and supportive of one another. It bothers me immensely that they don't even so much as speak anymore. Oh well, not my business. I just hate strife and will accept it, unless I find out from the both of them if this silence is for some lame reasoning - then SOMEBODY is getting put on blast. ::looks defiant, raises one eyebrow::

I'm also hoping that Renea comes in early and hangs out with me for a bit before taking over at midnight. Something about that girl that just makes all of my cares disappear when she's with me. Maybe it's because we think a lot alike in so many ways. That and the fact that she's fucking hilarious. I love those people that are hysterically funny without even trying to be. She's one of the best things about my weekend.

I'm going to miss Alek and Brock once they leave the station, great guys the both of them. They've both earned my respect and admiration and I'll be sad to see them go.
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