March 9th, 2002

Feeling considerably better

My fever broke some time this morning after I got to work, which is great. I feel a whole lot better.

I need a shave in a bad way to, I have close to four days of stubble on my face. I'm not going to shave my head though, because "someone" asked me not to... :snicker:

It was actually kind of warm this morning on the way in town, I was shocked! Spring is creeping up, and with the exception of my allergies I'm really looking foreward to it. Things will be green again, flowers, rain, working in the yard, GOING FISHING (Hell YES!), going for long walks and bike rides, and a ton of other things I'm hoping to do. Jennifer will be here this coming Friday for the cd release concert at The Tap, I need to email her by Monday to see if she needs my help with anything. I need to email her anyway, let her know about Maggie's baby shower and about meeting Kevin. She'll be happy about all of it.

Damn - Stevie Wonder just amazes me, I love this man and everything he's done for music. My life would be a much darker place were it not for some of his cds. And Otis Redding - don't get me started!
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