February 28th, 2002

Pissed Off & Hurt About A Little Girl.....

Pissed Off:

So, after taking a couple of weeks to think it through - I have decided that I'm not so much hurt by Paige as I am completely pissed off at her. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that she never had any intentions of leaving Casey in the first place - she just wanted some attention. I wouldn't claim to know what she is/was thinking, because I'm still furious that she would have the nerve to tell me and Maggie that we were never her friends to begin with. ESPECIALLY me, with our history. That was probably the straw that broke this camel's back. And speaking of camels, I need a fucking cigarette. I'm still giving the specifics of my feelings toward Paige a little more time to come to surface, but will begin chronicling them soon. The sooner I do that the sonner I'll stop thinking about it and can just dismiss the entire thing and stop giving it any of my energy.

Danielle Van Dam - 1994-2002

I sent an email of condolance to her family and friends. I will be giving her a memorial Saturday evening. Could have been Cole or Haley, Jake or Sara, Sean or Shannon or my other nieces and nephews - anytime a child dies, I imagine it could be one that I love and live for.

I hope they kill that motherfucker and cut him into a million pieces slowly.
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