February 24th, 2002

This weekend has sucked in a big way, but I'm still in a good mood.


The fun that was this weekend was that I got picked off the air yesterday because van #2 was fucked, so little ol' me took it to get fixed. Two hours of airtime I spent freezing my ass off with some old republican guy that kept making his opinions known, and the receptionist who was rolling her eyes and hoping (as was I) that he'd just shut the bloody fuck up. Then this morning, a fuse blew out somewhere in my part of the station and the wavestation (the nerve center of this radio station) completely died - and I had no way of recovering it or changing the fuse because some brainiac decided it would be a good idea to have the goddamned fusebox in a fucking locked closet. So Steve (tech guy that I have NO faith in) finally comes and gets it booted back up. Whatever - he didn't even know where the fusebox was. How sad is that?

I've decided that since no one else has asked me about it, I am going to give Maggie a baby shower all by myself. So I'm researching exactly how one does that - I've never been to one of these things myself. Catered one for a friend, but that's different. This should present no significant problems, Miss Moneypenny...

I'm in the strangest mood, I cannot even define it. It's kind of a volitile thing, I could go either way. be really pissed off, or just be mellow. Nothing and no one is stimulating me at the moment, so it remains mellow. Tomorrow I get to see the object of my lust at Cole's school, that will be a good thing.

Craving something hot and spicy, like Jamaican food. And a cucumber salad with fresh tomatoes. Of course, Thai food would work well also. Hmmmm...
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