December 25th, 2001

Happy ChannuKwanzaaSolsticemas!

I'm at work, waiting for another hour before I go home for the day, drinking a cup of vanilla rooibos tea and feeling a little silly. One of my favorite movies ever, Mr Holland's Opus, was just on. That movie makes me very weepy at the end, so I was here a few moments ago just crying like a little kid with a skinned knee! It's funny, isn't it?

A lady named Jackie called here earlier to tell me how much she was enjoying my show, that she just moved here recently and would be a faithful listener from now on. She asked me what days I worked so she could be sure to tune in. Wasn't that nice! She made my day.

I was hoping Corey would call so I could wish him a Merry Christmas. Corey is this guy that calls the station all the time just to talk. He usually tells us what a great job he thinks we're doing. He's somewhat slow and simpleminded, but there is no harm in that. I think sometimes that I'm one of the only people that is nice to him and spends time talking to him for a few small moments, because he tells me how others hang up on him or are just outright rude. I look at it like this - this guy has NOTHING to do all day, and as a result sits at home listening to this radio station at all hours. All he needs to feel special and important is to have one of these local "celebrities" talk to him so he can feel like he's got friends on the radio. Maybe he tells people that and it makes him feel important, I don't know. He's never had an unkind thing to say to me, and even though he's annoying at times, I will never hang up on him before talking for a few minutes. If talking to me helps him feel validated and good, then great! I've done something good for someone. I shouldn't imagine he has many friends or much of a homelife based on some of the things he's told me. And it's not that I feel sorry for him, I mean I suppose I do pity him him in a certain way, but I was raised to never turn down a kindness without saying "Thank You" first.

So wherever you are right now Corey, I hope you're well and having a fantastic Christmas. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
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