November 1st, 2001

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser...

Halloween 2001 was definitely a day of interesting coincidences.
To begin with, I spent the morning at my nephew's school doing the trick or treat thing and reading Shel Silverstein to the kids in his class, much to their delight. One of Cole's friends is the most adorable child and I'm dedicating a separate post altogether to him.

I went to Books-A-Million for coffee before heading to the station and ran into my old friend Michael, I had not seen him in at least 3 years. He has his baby girl with him, and she was just gorgeous. It was good to spend a little bit of time with them.

Later in the evening I met up with Him, who after a short time in conversation began finishing my sentences and thoughts, at one point even saying something that other's have quoted from me before! Very odd, and at the same time very intriguing. When he did that, I had the urge to jump over the table and kiss him because that NEVER happens to me and therefore some spontaneous gesture of happiness felt in order... but i decided against freaking out all of Denny's and simply told him about my urge later when we were leaving.

I saw an old acquaintance of mine named Mark, whom I had not seen in at least 10 years or so it seems. He came walking into the restaurant and recognized me, and again I thought "How strange!" Then right before I left to go home I saw my friend Christina outside the restaurant. By this time it was gaining on midnight and she explained to me that she and her friend were stopping in for a bite to eat before hitting the road - and then pointed over to a U-Haul with a car on a trailer behind it. She has a job now in Ohio I think she said and was leaving town for good after eating. I was the last friend to see her off, which gave me immense joy even though I will miss her sweet face. I had not seen her in close to a year until last night.

All of this combined with the fact that last night was the first time since Jesus was a test tube baby that there was a full moon on Halloween. This whole universal energy thing is an ass kicker!
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