October 21st, 2001

Krishna H. Vishnu!

My friend Patti lost her husband yesterday. Michael had been very ill with cancer for quite a while now. I just talked to her and she's doing remarkably well, considering. I told her to accept that for the time being, nothing is inappropriate for her to either think OR feel. I also told her that I was actually very happy that this struggle had run its course for the both of them.

Sleep deprivation. The jury's still out on how I'm dealing with this. On the one hand, I'm made entirely of dirt and it is rather like it's leeching from every pore of my body - that's what it feels like, anyway. Then again, maybe that is a good thing, a purging of sorts. I like sweating, it is good for the body. Maybe this is somehow similar. Interesting experiment, to say the least. Will try the same thing again next weekend and see.

Had the best muffeletta outside of New Orleans that I think I've ever had for dinner earlier, which made me immensely happy. Between Maggie and myself, there was a secret understanding that neither of us wanted to actually cook dinner today.

I had this fantastic dream that Duncan Sheik and I went on a roadtrip. He drove and I rode shotgun. Couldn't tell you where we were or where we were going, I was entirely too busy being goofy and trying not to stare too much. As IF.

All for now, I'm needing a cup of tea and some music.

I miss you Michael. Visit her often.
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