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I'm apathetic & I don't care, I'm apathetic & I don't care, I'm apathetic & I don't caaaaaaaare.....

Ever want to just set fire to something or someone? That's how I feel right now. Like the first stupid person to irritate me with their breathing or something gets it, you know?

Took me forever to get to sleep last night, and for some reason or other I woke up sore as hell. Could be my insomnia is a result of the complete rage I have at the HTML fairy who keeps putting kryptonite in the part of my eyes that understands code, because now when I try to code it all looks like ants to me. HIGHLY irritating. You know what else? Cold Fusion can wipe my ass. Fucking useless piece of shit.

I got my man-period this morning, I am a raging-fucking-nightmare bitch. From the fifth level of Dante's hell even. I'm not inspired to do anything, have no desire to get anything accomplished (unheard of from me) and wished I could be on an island somewhere in a hammock.

I'm in a mood so foul it could make Jersey smell good and New Orleans look clean. I just had the most amusing fantasy of stabbing Tom Green in the temple with a rusty spike. Oh if only.

Don't ask.

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