Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

There are a few things weighing heavily on my mind at the moment. Some good, some bad. I'm very concerned about an email we got yesterday from NARAL, asking for our signatures on a petition to congress about the " called partial birth abortion ban." This is very distressing to me on a couple of different levels, but I'll get to that eventually.

I woke up this morning to find out that the Democratic senators in a debate yesterday said they opposed a constitutional amendment to preserve the definition of marriage as a man-woman union, saying the law defining marriage as such is not at risk. This was a glimmer of hope on a pretty dismal Friday morning in light of everything else going on!

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor (one of our most watched programs, along with Hannity & Colmes) one of the topics was about a lesbian couple in Oregon whose 4 year old daughter was denied entrance to a Catholic school because her parents are a lesbian couple in a long term relationship. It made me both very sad and very angry. The little girl's parents are Roman Catholic LESBIANS. That's right, I said Roman Catholic L E S B I A N S. What the fuck is THAT? Why the hell would you want your child to attend a school that plans on teaching her that her parents are not only not a family, but evil? Then again, I still cannot understand why anyone would remain associated with the Catholic church in light of the religious terrorism it has been responsible for. Though I stand firmly in support of people believing whatever they want and I do understand that faith is not without merit, I am completely opposed to the Catholic church and every single thing it stands for. The guy they had in defense of the church was the biggest moron you could imagine, it was actually embarrassing.

One of the best interviews I've ever seen on the O'Reilly Factor was O'Reilly Interviews Ann Coulter. Everyone should see that one, it was great. She's such a fucking whack job it's unbelievable!

Back to the abortion issue. Personally, I am opposed to partial birth abortion. I don't want to be associated with anyone who would have one, I will not patronize a physician who would perform such a procedure, and cannot for the life of me understand how anyone would find this an acceptable method. It is absolutely horrifying. That having been said, I am 100% Pro-Choice and feel that reproductive freedom is essential to democracy. I believe that government's place is in politics and not a uterus, period. This is such a delicate issue with me, because I know that while I stand in direct opposition to partial birth abortion, to have a ban on any procedure at this point would create a snowball effect at the congressional level and the resulting backlash would create enough momentum to have reproductive freedom for women nonexistent. Roe -vs- Wade would be all for nothing, and the right to choose would be taken away just like that. There are people in power right now just waiting on that to happen, don't be naive enough to think there aren't.

I'm so totally unsure right now. I have pretty much resolved myself to accepting that it is a necessary evil, but in light of the alternative it is essential. The thing that pisses me off the most is that the people trying so hard to make abortion illegal are the very ones who do not want sex education programs of ANY kind to be taught to young adults, instead they go on and on about abstinence and forget that from the age of like 13 on most kids are walking hormones, so talk of abstinence is worthless. Get with the goddamned program, man. It might be uncomfortable discussing these things with your kids, but better you try and know you're arming them with the knowledge to protect themselves than have them make you a grandparent early or contract something fatal - let's not forget about that.

Maggie & I will be among the thousands of others in April of next year in DC for the March For Freedom of Choice.

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