Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


Okay, I just got mind-fucked in a big way. I'm channel flipping, right? And lo and behold, there's Sally Field in a movie I didn't recognize, and being that I love her work, I'm thinking "COOL!" So she's walking down this sidewalk in what looks like Manhattan or some place very similar, and it becomes clear to me - the movie is "Sybil". I've never seen this one before. I caught the last 30-40 minutes of it once and decided not to watch until I could see the whole thing. WHOA...

She's fucking brillaint, for starters. The woman is just phenominal. I had read the book like 100 years ago, and I need to reread it. I went online and did some research on Sybil Dorsett, the name given to the woman the story is based on. Come to find out her real name was Shirley Ardell Mason, and she was an art teacher in Lexington, Kentucky until her death a few years ago. The story is just absolutely heartbreaking and Sally Field completely nails each one of the characters. She had to be 16 different personalities dwelling within this one woman, and she really does switch between them quite seamlessly. Brilliant.

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