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Brad Smith

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Seal Is My Jesus

Don't be so hard on yourself
Those tears are for someone else
I hear your voice on the phone
I hear you feel so alone
My baby...

When we were young
And truth was paramount
We were older then
And we lived a life without any doubt
Those memories
They seem so long ago
What's become of them? (...they've all gone for sure...)
When you feel like me I want you to know

Don't cry
You're not alone
Don't cry tonight my baby
Don't cry
You'll always be loved
Don't cry tonight my baby

Today I dreamed
Of friends I had before
And I wonder why
The ones who care don't call anymore
My feelings hurt
But you know I overcome the pain
And I'm stronger now
There can't be a fire unless there's a flame

Don't cry
You're not alone
Don't cry
Tonight, my baby
Don't cry
You'll always be loved
Don't cry

Limousines and sycophants,
Don't leave me now,
'Cause I'm afraid
What you've done to me
Is now the wolf.
In my bed,
In my head.

The challenges we took were hard enough
They get harder now
Even when we think that we've had enough
Don't feel alone
'Cause it's I you understand.
I'm your sedative
Take a piece of me whenever you can
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