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Outside of the courthouse in Montgomery, whenever workers come to remove the monument, supporters of Chief Justice Roy Moore intend to keep it from going anywhere by locking hands and dropping to their knees. Some of the demonstrators have kept vigil at the courthouse since last week and are committed to staying as long as it takes to make sure the display stays put. "I got more energy since I don’t know when. God gave me strength," said Scott Campbell, who arrived Thursday from his home in Gurley in north Alabama. At Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church, worshipers said they wanted the Ten Commandments in public life but had reservations about Moore and his handling of the dispute. "It was forced down our throats," Debbie Stack said of the marker. "This has taken the focus off of God and put it on a man."

I swear, Roy Moore is a fucking loon. Matt Lauer interviewed both him and a personal hero of mine, Morris Dees from the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery. Moore will not answer a simple question time and time again, instead he uses a quick turn of phrase and misquotes someone from history - at one point even comparing himself to Dr. King, which made me see red for a minute - and has completely made himself into what Dees described as a demagogue - a perfect illustration of Moore.

Moore concedes that he stands for a persons right to stand and defend what they believe in, what they feel is their fundamental right as an American citizen. He says he is a "believer in the justice system and that you should obey higher courts - EXCEPTwhen that higher court is not going by the law, that makes them lawless - and they're not following the rule of the law. ('Scuse me, fucknut - but you're standing in direct abjection to a Supreme Court ruling AGAINST you...) The law is clearly the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment and the Preamble and the Constitution of Alabama - both of which (Both? You mentioned 4 different things, asshole) acknowledge God! We're in a situation in this country where Judges are telling us what to think and who to believe in and they simply can't do that." (BULLSHIT, Roy - you're sworn to uphold all laws as a government official - let alone as a Chief Justice - to include the ones you have personal issues with! If you have a problem with the law, you take it up with the legislation you ignorant fuck.) He added "I have acknowledged God as the moral foundation of our law. It’s my duty. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time as this in fear of giving offense? I should consider myself guilty of treason and of an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of heaven." (Oh fuck off, just FUCK OFF!)

Moore is rabidly homophobic and has used his views on Judeo-Christian doctrine from his seat on the bench to rule judgements in other cases. I found this article from the World Socialist: In a February 2002 Alabama supreme court ruling denying a lesbian custody of her three children, Moore described homosexuality as "abhorrent, immoral, detestable." He added later that "...the state carries the power of the sword ... to prohibit conduct with physical penalties, such as confinement and even execution. [The state] must use that power to prevent the subversion of children toward this lifestyle, an inherent evil, to not encourage a criminal lifestyle." The three children in question, who were in the custody of their mother and her partner of 15 years, were given to their father - an alcoholic who had been arrested on previous occaisions for abuse and child endangerment. According to Moore, this is a much more suitable parent than a law abiding homosexual in a long term relationship with a stable home.

Other news this morning...

From Autistic boy's death at church ruled homicide; child was suffocated, autopsy report says...

36 kids die in hot cars this year
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