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Once the sun finally came up this morning I looked out the window and saw them, three huge Bradford pear trees in full bloom, and I damn near wet myself. Soon I can start wearing shorts and getting some sun again! Man, I hate cold weather - glad it's finally leaving. Hopefully tonight I can spend some time finishing a few things on the computer that I've been lacking. I have to update the webpage, write a new piece for, and burn a few cd's. I really need to get my Soul Hits cd's and make copies for the station. Actually, that's the mood I'm in lately anyway. I'm going to dig them up and bring a buttload of blank cd's with me to work tonight. I need to list off the stuff I don't have anymore too.

I STILL cannot believe someone had the nerve to boost my Soulbox cd set. I paid less than half of the asking price for it when I got it brand new, which makes it that much worse. It was close to $100.00 and I think I got it for like $40.00 and change or something equally insane. Then along comes some fucking rockstar helping themselves into the car for something to barter for their habit. Goddamnit, suck dick for your crack like all the OTHER crackheads and not take my stuff, ya bastids!

Come to think of it, it was actually Cunt-Whore's fault for leaving the car unlocked. I'm not sure what's worse: the fact that a crackhead stole cd's that I would have bled for, or that Cunt-Whore's irresponsible behavior was ONCE AGAIN at my expense. In retrospect, I should have seen it coming that she would have bled me dry and ripped me fucking blind, but love makes you do some really strange things sometimes. Besides, who really wants to accept that their "best friend" is a complete trout?

For the record, there are 3 categories of awful people. #1 is a "Bitch", which could be anybody when you get down to it. #2 is a "Cunt", which is basically "Bitch" cranked up a good bit. Then there's #3, "Trout". "Trout" is the worst thing you could ever be. Don't ask me why, I don't make the rules - it just is.

All bullshit and crabbiness aside, I'm really happy to see the trees in bloom! ::happy dance::
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