Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

We watched an amazing film by Alan Parker last night called The Life Of David Gale. Kate Winslet, Kevin Spacey, and Laura Linney - what more could you want? Well, what more besides naked Javy goodness, anyway...

Dinner last night was the best Chinese food I've ever had, and it's a new restaurant in walking distance of the homestead. The place is called "Great Wall Of China" and it's on Double Churches Rd. right across from the elementary school. All of it was excellent, and the people were wonderful. Maggie called the order in before we went to pick it up, and after she completed the order the guy on the phone asked her twice if she wanted anything else - at which point Damien and I both looked at her and said "...AND THEEEEEEN???

I am having left lung issues today, somehow I have pulled it some way and I'm in pain and am having to breathe shallow. For those of you that don't know, I have a congenital birth defect in both of my lungs that makes them prone to collapse on me spontaneously, which has happened three times before. It's called "Spontaneous Pheumothorax" and it used to scare the bejeezus out of me. Once it technically killed me for like two minutes and change! You haven't lived (?) until you've woken up to strange people telling you you've been in and out of cardiac and pulmonary arrest for the best part of the day - unless you have survived it, in which case you'll get that totally.

I've had four surgeries for this, the last of which left me with only 2/3 of the left lung. What was left over was literally "glued" to my chest wall so that it couldn't collapse on me again. There are two problems with this. First, if I have a full breath and pivot or turn too much I overextrend the limit of give of my lung and it pulls from the chest wall. This is extraordinarily painful as your lungs are your most pain sensitive organs. The other problem is that at times the pressure this exerts on my lungs is enough that I inadvertently will cause a "breach" or rather a rupture in my lung, and it deflates into my chest. Because it cannot technically collapse, it just gets compressed against my ribcage until the hole repairs itself and the air in my chest gets reabsorbed into my system. Generally takes about a week to ten days, and it's been doing this for a little less than week already. I can tell that it's getting better, and with a little Motrin and a lot of water consumption and rest it is fine. There's really nothing the doctors can do except take xrays to confirm it and prescribe painkillers for it. Yeah - I'm so sure I'm wasting THAT money. Other than the occaisional pain I get from it, I can tell whe the level of oxygen in my blood is low because I get sleepy and lightheaded, sometimes even a little dizzy.


If ever I pass out or get dizzy and a little incoherent, DO NOT call 911 or take me to the ER - just help me get comfortable, try and get me near a fan so I can breathe better, and I'll come around shortly. They told me it could happen, but it isn't likely to ever be serious. Matter of fact, chances of it ever being serious or even life threatning are 98% in my favor, or so my surgeon says. Besides being a waste of time and precious money, a trip to the hospital for me is almost as bad as going to church. I hate it that much, even the smell of a hospital. Not that I have a fear of hospitals, I just REALLY don't like them.

Smokestacks, on the other hand are a different subject. Those I am afraid of. They totally freak me out. That's another story altogether.

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