Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Site Update Details

Made a few changes to the site this morning:

  • changed the .gif images on either sidebar, removed the graphic that was there initially, changed the font and shifted it to the center table, and adjusted the color saturation.
  • removed the "Columns" section in the left sidebar, assigned each column link by name to its writer's section.
  • changed all references of "Jennie" to "Stennie", to include her email address.
  • took out all "Gallery" pages.
  • added a section for "Lia" in the left sidebar, and to email page, links page, and staff page.
  • added links to both my & Lola's journals on our "Bio" pages

Plan on having your picture taken at the next meeting, I'm going to add each staff member's picture (100 X 100) to their bio page. Also, I'm going to take a picture of each staff member and use each person's eyes as the background for each .gif in the sidebar that has your name on it.

Magazine staff, please check my earlier post to see what other information (if any) I need from you!!

Let's plan now on a time for the next meeting, and if it is possible can we pick a day and time and from now on count on THAT as the designated meeting time? I know everyone has different schedules, but can we at least look into it? It would be nice to have a schedule so that we can have once-a-week or once-every-two-weeks meetings that everyone knows about and everyone can plan on. Just a thought.
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