Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I started quite an interesing string of commentary in the challenging_god community with this thread, click at your own risk!

I have Avery's one-year-old-big-girl portraits, I'm going to scan them soon and will post them later. I know a lot of you were asking about them, they're on the way.

For some reason, she has taken to calling me "D" like she calls Damien. I have no idea why. She was calling me "Bad" all last week, so somehow she has her signals crossed. I tried to get her to say my name earlier, and she kept calling me "Nay Nay". When she wanted me for something today, or when someone asked her what my name was she pointed to me and said "D"! So now I'm "D" until she decides what she's going to label me permanently.

She did the sweetest thing today at lunch. She was stading up next to me on the booth seat, she'd had enough of the high chair and wanted to sit by me. Out of the blue, she kissed and hugged me and put her head on my shoulder, then started playing with my goatee and cooing "My D... my D..."

I love this child. I hope one day she understands how much.
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