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Bigger, faster, sweatier, skinnier, whiter, blacker, Gracer.......

It's funny. I swear, I cannot ever escape this man and this album, not that I would ever want to or anything. I just find myself always coming back to Jeff Buckley's GRACE like it is the oldest, dearest friend I have in the world, the one I have the most history with, the one I know better than most anything else.

I made a new fan of his music today, I sent "Lover, You Should've Come Over" to clubgirl4u and she loved it. It made me happy. Last night in Barnes & Noble, I was in the CD section opposite this guy looking in the A's & B's. He looked up at me and I smiled and said "Directly under you is an album called GRACE by a musician named Jeff Buckley. It is my duty to tell you that you have to buy it." He looked at me and smiled back, saying "Yes - I have it and Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk - 'Hallelujah' is my favorite song."

Ever wanted to hug &/or kiss a complete stranger once you discover in them a significant commonality that shows they just "get it"?
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